Our ear services at ENT Centers of North Texas encompass diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide range of conditions. Our specialists are equipped to handle diverse conditions with precision and care, ensuring your ear health is in experienced and well-trained hands. 

Conditions We Treat


Unusual growths of skin that occur in the middle ear are known as cholesteatomas. Hearing loss and recurrent ear infections are often seen when cholesteatomas are present. Our expert team will provide effective treatment to prevent disease progression and potential complications from cholesteatomas.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss happens when sound cannot pass unobstructive from the outside world to the inner ear. It may be caused by blockages, trauma, infection or damage to certain structures. We diagnose and treat such conditions, restoring or preserving optimal hearing function.

Dizziness and Motion Sickness

We offer comprehensive treatment for dizziness and motion sickness, focusing on balance issues often linked to inner ear disorders. Our experts also identify and manage conditions that cause vertigo ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment.

Earaches and Otitis Media

Earaches and otitis media (middle ear infection) can cause severe discomfort. We offer relief from ear pain and inflammation, including acute and chronic middle ear infections.

Middle-Ear Infection (Chronic Otitis Media)

We provide specialized care for chronic otitis media, a recurring middle ear infection that can lead to hearing loss. Our interventions aim to control infection and maintain hearing ability.


Hyperacusis is a heightened sensitivity to everyday sounds. We offer comprehensive assessments and individualized management plans, aiming to reduce sound sensitivity and improve daily living.


Otosclerosis involves abnormal bone growth in the ear, causing hearing loss. Our ENT specialists diagnose and treat this condition, using medical or surgical options to restore your hearing.

Autoimmune Inner-Ear Disease

We manage this autoimmune inner-ear disease, a rare condition causing progressive hearing loss and dizziness. Our approach aims to slow disease progression, manage symptoms, and enhance quality of life.

Hearing Loss

We provide expert evaluation and treatment of hearing loss, with solutions including hearing aids, cochlear implants, and other assistive devices. Our goal is to improve your hearing and communication abilities. See our Audiology Section for an in-depth visit into the multitude of services we provide for those with hearing loss. 

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

We provide prevention strategies and treatment for hearing loss caused by exposure to loud noises, ensuring optimal hearing health. Our focus is educating patients about prevention and providing hearing aids or therapy for existing conditions.

Perforated Eardrums

Our team offers treatments for a ruptured eardrum, including medical management and surgical repair when necessary.

Otitis Externa (a.k.a. Swimmer’s Ear)

Swimmer’s ear, or otitis externa, is an infection often caused by water remaining in the ear. We provide comprehensive care, offering prevention advice, swift diagnosis, and effective treatment to alleviate symptoms.


Our experts offer evaluation, counseling, and management strategies for tinnitus, including sound therapy and lifestyle adjustments. See our Audiology Section for more information regarding Tinnitus and treatment options.

Ear Procedures and Treatments

Ear Tubes

We offer ear tube procedures to relieve chronic ear infections or hearing loss due to persistent fluid in the ear. Our skilled ENT specialists ensure safe and effective treatment to improve your ear health.

Ear Plugs

We offer ear plugs to protect your hearing from loud noises, water, and foreign objects. They are comfortable and sized to fit your ears, promoting safe and effective ear protection.

Balance and Hearing Treatments

See our Audiology section for more information regarding the variety of treatments we offer to improve your hearing and/or balance. You can count on ENT Centers of North Texas to meet your hearing and balance needs. 

Earwax Removal

When earwax becomes impacted and you notice increased fullness and/or decreased hearing, you may benefit from an earwax removal procedure. While some over-the-counter techniques are useful for mild cases or to help prevent build-up of earwax, more often than not they are not effective for fully impacted cerumen (earwax) and an in-office treatment may be necessary. If needed, our ENT specialists will carefully remove earwax with specialized instruments. See our separate page on earwax to learn more. 

At ENT Centers of North Texas, we are dedicated to improving your ear health and addressing any concerns you may have about your ear, nose, throat and other related structures. Contact our offices today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and compassionate specialists.