NEW! Introducing Signia TeleCare™ – your personal connection to success.

In as little as ten minutes a day, the myHearing App helps you:
•Learn about your hearing aids so you become familiar more quickly
•Provide feedback on your hearing experience for better support
•Contact your personal hearing care professional wherever you are

My hearing success.
Get familiar with your new hearing aids faster than ever before thanks to engaging step-by-step listening exercises and guided assistance. Ensure your personal progress by sending feedback and satisfaction ratings directly to your hearing care professional.

My hearing aids.
Enjoy easy access to frequently asked questions and a user guide so you can address any issues with your hearing care professional without delay. The myHearing App also serves as a remote control for your hearing aids so you can change programs, adjust volume, bass and treble, and change the directionality of the microphone.

My hearing care professional.
Communicate with your hearing care professional via text, voice, or CareChat for a new standard in personal support. Benefit from advice and troubleshooting wherever you are, reducing the amount of follow-up appointments.

Effortless charging is here, unparalleled technology

Smarter, simpler charging
Cellion’s lithium-ion battery is completely integrated and sealed into the housing, you don’t have to change batteries again. It is the easiest and most reliable rechargeable system on the market.

More battery power, same energy-efficiency
Cellion charges after four (4) hours and delivers 24 hours of continuous use. The 30-minute fast charge enables more then seven hours of hearing enjoyment.

On-The-Go charging just got easier
When traveling, the Cellion charger unit is equipped with a standard micro USB interface that gives you freedom to charge with nearly any USB-compatible power source including laptops, car adapters, and packs.

Unparalleled technology
Cellion features all the advanced binaural technology that you love, including better than normal hearing with less listening effort.

Stylish, convenient, effortless

Small, elegant and superbly discreet, Siemens Pure redefines easy listening. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, with Pure you can relax and enjoy every detail.

Packed with innovations:
•SpeechMaster function elevates the speaker of interest above other voices and tackles background noise
•Rechargeable to eliminate hassle with batteries
•IPX7 water resistance for immersion in up to 1 m of water for 30 min
•IP6X full dust protection for uncompromising quality and safety
•Enhanced tinnitus control feature manages tinnitus and improves hearing at the same time
•TwinPhone transmits the caller’s voice to both ears for better understanding
•MiniReceiver for outstanding sound quality
•Rocker switch or programmable push button for optional control
•Remotely controllable via the new touchControl App
•Exchangeable housing with a choice of 12 colors
•Premium wireless connectivity for absolutely convenient control with easyTek and easyTek App

Sleek, easily controlled, effortless

Fits comfortably and discreetly behind you ear. Easy to adjust and control, Motion is packed with functionality that lest you hear with ease all day long. Whatever the situation, you can simply relax and enjoy it.

Superb sound meets ease of handling:
•Rechargeable for hassle-free handling
•IPX7 water resistance for immersion in water up to 1 m of water for 30 min
•IP6X full dust protection for uncompromising quality and safety
•Enhanced tinnitus noise options with four ocean wave therapy signals which provides relief
•The advanced SpeechMaster continuously monitors what you are listening to and singles out the speaker
•Premium wireless connectivity for convenient control with the easyTek and easyTek app
•Remotely controllable via the new TouchControl app

Rich, crystal-clear sound in a custom design.

Small in size, big in performance: Some models are so tiny that they are almost invisible when worn. Yet they are packed with outstanding exceptional sound quality. Insio’s binaural directionality enhances speech recognition so you can fully enjoy your conversations even in demanding environments with a lot of background noise.

Effective and discreet design:
•Premium wireless connectivity for absolutely convenient control with easyTek and easyTek App
•Remotely controllable via the new touchControl App for absolutely discreet handling
•Program button for selecting hearing programs (optional)
•Designed for optimum balance between speech understanding and sound quality
•Battery door for quick, easy battery replacement
•Vent for optimal ear ventilation and sound delivery with no feedback
•Volume control for direct sound adjustment (ITE model)
•Enhanced tinnitus therapy feature that manages tinnitus while improving hearing
•5 skin-tone colors plus 12 additional fashion colors for the CIC

Easy on the ears, easy on the eyes.

Lets the sound flow naturally.

One of the world’s smallest hearing aids. It site nearly invisibly in the ear for complete discretion. Super soft and super comfortable, it fits immediately. And although it’s super tiny, Silk delivers an outstanding hearing experience.

Discretion that’s ready-to-wear
No waiting-simply walk in, try them on and, once they’ve been programmed, take them with you.

Enjoy life’s true sound
Advance features that deliver outstanding sound quality. Boosts the ear’s natural focus on specific sounds from the front while filtering out annoying noises from behind.
Wireless connectivity, enjoy the convenience of a wide range of accessories such as remote controls and apps.

Connectivity for ultimate convenience.

EasyTek wirelessly connects audio devices—phones, TVs, MP3 players, and more—to your hearing aids.

Remote control and streamer in one small, stylish device
Automatic situation detection and adjustment of the function and controls for streaming, phone calls, programs, and external audio sources
Transmits audio to both ears in true stereo
The only wireless solution that supports wireless CICs (completely-in-the-canal)
Discreet and convenient one-touch operation

Added functions and possibilities with the easyTek App-easy access to all functions
Connects many audio devices with your hearing aids
Multi-point system works with two phones at once
Connects two transmitters simultaneously
Communicates with Bluetooth® wireless devices
Supports third-party Bluetooth® wireless transmitters
Additional connectivity with DAI (direct audio input) plug and T-coil
Reliable audio streaming with minimum power consumption for exceptionally reliable Bluetooth® and FM streaming
VoiceLink microphone available to hear a speaker in noisy environments
Discretion and versatility with the miniTek Remote App for Android™ phones and tablets

Easy to use and sustainable.

Now you can combine the best hearing experience with the knowledge that you’re doing something that will benefit the next generation.

Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the eCharger™—the sustainable power solution for rechargeable Siemens hearing aids.

Save yourself the hassle of fumbling with battery changes and help save the environment.